Is communication management one of your priorities?

Communication managment

Have your business ambitions grown and you want to ensure that communications between your employees and customers do not suffer?

Whatever your priorities are, we will deliver a system to suit your needs.

Ideal for:

  • Multi-sited and multi-occupant orgaqnisations / business centres
  • Companies with team members on the move, freelancers or home workers
  • Organisations with high call volumes, contact centres
  • Firms with oversea business presence

Fully scalable for:

  • Small and large
  • New and established
  • Institutional and business users

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Top 10 benefits of adopting a VoIP phone system for business:

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Users are able to bypass the charges common in traditional systems and call at little to no financial cost

Tasks are performed faster and more efficiently, employees can easily work from anywhere, using any device

Easy-to-use user-friendly web Portal allows various settings, access to recorded calls and voicemails

Your team will be able to carry on making and taking calls in case of unexpected circumstances

Each caller reaches the right person at the first attempt, customized greetings can be recorded for the callers on hold

Users are able to keep their existing phone numbers when relocating or moving offices

One number for desk and mobile, local business phone number on an existing mobile device, or virtual numbers for campaigns

Our support team will assist you with any day-to-day aftersales questions

VoIP phone systems support numerous communication feature for better management of business calls

Company’s business phones and mobiles can be fused into a single communications system

Do not leave it until ISDN switch off planned for 2025

Make the switch now and enjoy all technology benefits today!

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How VoIP Works

VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) also known as Internet or Broadband telephony is a digital communication technology that allows voice and multimedia content to be transmitted using the Internet, converting traditional voice calls and telephony services into data packets that can be delivered over a broadband connection. VoIP telephony is now widely used in many sectors, allowing calls to traditional landlines and mobile phones with added flexibility to use the system on a number of devices. VoIP reduces infrastructure costs by eliminating the need for separate networks as operating a single voice and data network.

Organisations using a cloud-hosted VoIP system do not need to install and maintain any special on-site hardware, only a broadband connection is required. Cloud easily allows adding new phone extensions whenever it is required through the online management portal. However, phone systems may be also installed on – premise if required for compliance purposes. The advancement of VoIP technology, its scalability and relatively low cost make the system an ideal solution for small, medium and large organisations.

Most Popular VoIP Features

VoIP Features

Lower cost and lower risk, more practical, secure and flexible, easy to use and integrate

Our customer-centred approach to installation and on-going support

Working closely with you RA Telecom will optimise your company’s communication success. Either that be by installing a new VoIP system for new business start-ups or migrating to a modern replacement from an existing traditional telephony network. We will always deliver our service in the most efficient way.

Taking a customer-centred personalised approach to installation. You will be supported to take a fully informed decision initially and guided to take out the maximum value from your telephony system after the installation. Our technical experts will advise on each aspect of the process.

Understanding of your organisation
Advising on solutions
Customised system design
System testing and Quality Assurance
Ongoing support

Switching to VoIP should be straightforward for most organisations, however, for some it may require supplementary support. For those organisations reliant on external services we will develop effective processes to support through the transition and ensure the system is fully compatible.

Maintenance and upgrades are automatic, with no need for any on-site visits. Our dedicated in-house technical support team will assist you with any day-to-day aftersales questions to ensure that the service is fully meeting your company’s needs.

We continuously monitor our performance and work hard to deliver exceptional results and experience to our customers.


Whatever your situation is, we will ensure a successul delivery of the system with minimal disruption to you and your staff.

Business Telephony Equipment

We offer equipment to make and receive calls including hard, soft and cordless phones, conference phones and virtual switchboards, headsets and software for your devices. The equipment brands we collaborate with are Cisco, Snom, Grandsrteam, Yealink and Gigaset. VoIP equipment can be purchased separately or included as part of a service plan.

Business Telephony Equipment

RA Telecom Business telephony systems can be extended further with:

Business mobile


Professional IT services

Business mobile

RA Telecom Business mobile packages offer additional benefits such as:

  • Flexible options: sim-only, phone or a mixture of both
  • Significant practical convenience and capital savings when working on various services with us
Business mobile
  • Full assistance with keeping / porting current numbers
  • Best deal comparison - our direct support team deals with multiple providers, we will find the most suitable tariffs for you

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