Powerful Connectivity Solutions for Businesses: Broadband and Ethernet Connections

Web applications

Are you considering or have already adopted web applications such as VoIP telephony, Cloud-based storage or software services?

Does your enterprise have growing reliance on the performance of your Internet connection?

Internet perfomrance

Whatever your priorities are we will make sure your connection is ideal for running all your applications simultaneously.

Our portfolio of connectivity solutions is based on Broadband and Ethernet technologies with a range of options.

Starting from standard broadband (ADSL) the most affordable option for freelancers or sole-traders, to superfast fibre broadband which would be a good choice for small to medium size organisations for its faster speed and unlimited business usage (services such as FTTC and FTTP). Our solutions also include leased lines and Ethernet circuits which need to be considered by medium size enterprises and large corporations for their optimum traffic performance and reliability at all times.

Options of Internet Connectivity

Check out our Internet Connectivity options below, ranging from Standard, to Fibre, and Ethernet Circuits.

Standard Broadband

Suitable for small offices, provides entry level Internet access using a shared public network, the most affordable option.

ADSL (Traditional Version)

Downstream up to 8Mbps

Upstream up to 0.5Mbps

ADSL2+ (Superior Version)

Downstream up to 24Mbps

Upstream up to 1Mbps

Fibre Broadband

Mid-range level Internet access using a shared public network. More stable as delivered over the fibre-optic cable (partially or entirely).

FTTC (Fibre to the Cabinet)

Downstream up to 80Mbps

Upstream up to 20Mbps

FTTP (Fibre to the Premises)

Downstream up to 1000Mbps

Upstream up to 220Mbps

Ethernet Circuits - Leased Lines

Advanced business connectivity options with optimum traffic performance and reliability at all times. Connection is through a dedicated network.

EoFTTC (Ethernet over Fibre to the Cabinet)

Downstream up to 76Mbps

Upstream up to 20Mbps

EFM (Ethernet in the First Mile)

up to 35Mbps symmetrical

Internet Leased Lines

100Mbps to as much as 10Gbs symmetrical

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Benefits of RA Telecom Connectivity

Working closely with you we will help you determine which is the right option for your enterprise by understanding your organisation’s size, the pattern of internet usage, applications, current and future connectivity needs. We will follow with a comparison between Broadband and Ethernet solutions in terms of technology, performance, cost-efficiency, coverage, service level in your specific location and will support you accordingly.

Full Control

Full control and monitoring over your system. Easy-to-use user-friendly web Portal enables the network owner to analyse and manage internet traffic and usage with detailed reports on employee connection history.

Technical Support

UK based technical support. We will proactively manage your installation and support your connectivity on a daily basis. We have access to the full suite of diagnostic tools from Openreach to keep your connectivity running as smoothly as possible.

Best Deal Comparison

Best deal comparison - we will compare the best offerings for your specific location and find the most suitable deal for your connectivity with further monitor contract lengths and cancellation options.

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Significant practical convenience and capital savings when working on various services with us.

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